Thursday, July 28, 2011

Conquered platinum, but shortly thereafter melted into a puddle

Dearest readers.  I am hot.  But I love it.  I would rather be hot than cold any day.  At least in the heat your muscles can relax.  Cold just ties me into knots.

So, I finally finished my first project in platinum.  See below:

I don't know why I was so reluctant to start making things in platinum.  It just seemed intimidating for some reason.  I remember when I first opened up shop.  I had so little experience!  It is shocking when I look back on it.  I was so nervous about EVERYTHING.  Everything was a cause for worry.  There was just so much I didn't know (it's still that way, incidentally) and it made it hard to know what to expect.  I like to know what to expect.  I'm not a nervous person, not at all.  But I NEED to know what to expect, even if it what to expect is bad and hard and intimidating.  As long as I have a general idea of how it will go, I'm fine.   

Anyhoo, I shouldn't have been nervous.  It was bit harder to finish (i.e. polish), but the stone setting was very similar to palladium.  I really liked the color as well.  It was very white, and the weight!  I love the weight of platinum.  I'm toying with making this ring in platinum for my wedding band:

All right, I think I need to wrap things up here, Mr. Gunter is trying to give me a hint about his needs and desires:

(That is the door that he is leaning against.  Subtle, very subtle.)

p.s.  I had my first fitting for my wedding dress yesterday (I'm having it made by a Cambodian tailor).  It is going to turn out fantastic.  Almost exactly what I was picturing!  It's a bit excessively pretty, pretty princess, but I'm throwing caution to the wind (along with my radical feminism, apparently).

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jewelry maker finds it hard to return to work, decides to read a fantasy novel instead

Damn you George R.R. Martin.  I might be able to make a living if you didn't write such beguiling tales of epic/tragic heroism.

So, I am finally back into the swing of things, having just finished the newest Martin book.  Yes, I'm a huge and geeky fan.  Luckily, I'm also a quick reader, so when I fall into a fantasy induced stupor it doesn't last very long (I think bought it on Sunday, finished it last night.  I can't believe it!  So and so can't be dead!)  I think I might start from the beginning (again).  Or maybe I should save that for the month before the 6th book comes out. (Unrelated, but was anyone else terribly disappointed by the final Harry Potter?  What a let down.)

All right.  This is what I've been meaning share with you all:

Monday, July 11, 2011

In case you were wondering

I enjoyed my vacation.

I think I will schedule one for every two or three months.  I just feel so much more positive about my life and my job after having a bit of a break from both.