Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's the little things

I have been wanting shelves in my studio for almost a year now.  It's crazy how fast last year went by.  Buying a house, moving, building a studio, and having two babies makes time fly.  But I now have a couple of shelves and my books aren't taking up counter space anymore, which is fabulous.  It's so funny how little things can make such a big difference.  I recently rearranged my living room and bedroom and the difference is so huge!  It's like a new space entirely (I feel that way at least).  

So I finally made a copy of my wedding ring.  I was really ambivalent about adding the design to my shop for a long time (years....), but I finally took the plunge and I'm happy about.  It's so gorgeous (IMHO) and decadent (so much gold!) that I think it deserves to be shared, rather than hoarded for myself.  And besides that, most of my sentimentalness (new word) has had time to wear off a bit.  I still love my ring, but it doesn't bother me to know that there will be other women wearing the same thing.  I just hope they love it as much as I do. :-)

(I'm hard to photograph!)

And did you happen to be cruising for adorable baby pictures?  Let me help you out:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I just thought I would share this.  I think it is really spot on for those jewelry/diamond commercials with the over the top descriptions.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This, that, and the other

Finally!  Summer is here.  Thank goodness.  It was a pretty mild winter, though.  Not that I was aware of much of it.  Having two babies will do that to a person.  I'm back in the studio 20 hours a week now and I'm so glad to have some time to work on new things.  This new design (shown here in extremely flattering aqua blue injection wax) is something I'm super excited about.  It will have a single stone gypsy set, flush with the curve of the top of the ring.  I think it will be a great choice for people who are worried about "wearability".  I like it especially since it is a bit different from your regular solitaire.  A little more old fashioned?

And now to non-jewelry related content!  Feel free to tune out now.

Mandrake roots!  Quick, cover your ears.  No, kidding. It's just our demented carrots.  The garden is really coming along. Now that the summer weather is here in earnest (knock on wood), our tomatoes and other things should be taking off soon.  We've planted pickling cucumbers, radishes, strawberries, kale, lettuces, peas, zucchinis, carrots, onions, lemon cucumbers, pumpkins, and peppers.  I think that's it.  This year is our experimental year, we hope that next year we will have a better idea of how to manage our massive veggie garden.  Honestly, it might be a bit much for us.

I have a sitter!  Where did my tiny baby go!??!  Sad sad sad face!  This is Addy, and he is an award winning sitter.  He went from a couple of wobbly seconds upright to BAM! Champion sitting, in just a couple of days.

And this baby wants to steal my coffee, water, beer....pretty much any liquid that is going into my mouth.  This morning as I was eating my cheerios, she was watching every bite like a hawk, and when I would catch her staring she would give me a grin.  She is SO ADORABLE!

All right, I'm going to sit in the sun for a few minutes before I head back to the studio!  I'm working on one of these: