I'm lucky.  And I hope that I appreciate it.  I have the best job ever, the best Peanut, the best pugs.  But the real reason I'm so lucky is because I was born into a place where I could have the opportunities to do what I have done.  I had the opportunity to grow as a healthy child, to have enough food to eat, to have my family all still living, to become an adult, to get an education, and to be able to get a job that would enable me not to live in poverty my whole life.  A vast number of people in this world don't get even the most basic of chances.

I am grateful.

I have decided to spread my charity dollars around a bit more, so this year I have decided to choose different organizations to donate to.  This month I am donating to:


January and February:

March and April:

May and June:

July, August, September:

Aid for Syrian refugees.

October, November, December:

Aid for Syrian refugees.



Oregon Public Broadcasting


Friends of the Children Portland

I love this organization which runs a lovely long term mentoring program for at-risk children. They were last years August donation as well.

March and April:

I am sponsoring a school girl for a year through this program:

May and June:

Performing Animal Welfare Society

July and August:

Clean water, sanitation.  The most basic of things we need.

September and October:

Ebola relief.

November, December:


October, November, December:


Willamette Family, Women's Residential Program
Eugene, Oregon




When my twins were born, Aven had a rough entry into the world and ended up needing almost a week in the NICU.  While she was there she benefited from donated breast milk while my milk was still coming in.  I am so grateful that there are women out there who are generous enough to share their milk with others.  I wish I could as well.  Since I can't, I am choosing this non-profit milk bank to donate to for the month of May.