Monday, January 19, 2009

Hello, My Name Is

Welcome! This is my first post of what will (hopefully) become many. I have another blog that I am finally comfortable writing on. With this one I think I'm just not sure exactly what my voice should be. I'll get the hang of it eventually....maybe around the 20th post.

Well, the beginning is a good place to start: That's me, my name is Justine, my friends call me Bean, and that is where I got the idea for the name of my new jewelry company; singleB. I grew up in the northwest, joined the Navy after high school, served for 5 years as a Chinese linguist in Hawaii, returned to the civilian world, studied Chinese language and culture along with the fine arts at the University of Oregon. After I graduated from college, I moved to China for 2 years and studied international and comparative law and politics at Johns Hopkins/Nanjing University. Finally realizing that I had almost zero interest in being a lawyer or a diplomat, I moved back to the U.S. and attended an intensive goldsmithing course in San Francisco. I have been making jewelry since I was a teenager (remember spending too much money at Harlequin Beads, Kellie?). I love art and I mainly saw myself as a painter or illustrator. But I've always loved making things with my hands, and I'm a perfectionist by nature with an obsession for detail, so making small pieces of perfection seems to suit me. And now you know my life story. I live in Portland (the left-coast one), with a little striped pug named after the Nobel prize winning author of The Tin Drum, and his nemesis, Dieter (AKA the littlest Pug). Now you know everything.

Coming next post: "A Little Something About Design"

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kellie said...

I do remember waiting for the hourly bus on Sundays...getting out of the rain, meandering around Harlequin and the Kiva, and the library...down 13th, back, down 13th again. luckily for us, we had good company and didn't need much more (well, except for a car, with which we could pARK! and drive to a new location...and pARK!).