Friday, October 16, 2009

Pretty Pictures


joanna said...

i just saw the label "jewerly porn" that's hilarious! i can stare at all your beautiful gorgeous rings all day long!!

Lou Lou Belle said...

Justine! I nearly fell out of my chair/off my couch when I saw the plugs! I have "write Bean an email about custom plugs" on my to-do list for next payday. they're beautiful, and I *love* your stuff. and have been a lurker on both your blogs! you're lovely! they're all lovely! thanks for the jewelry porn!
abrazos, Lauren

Bean Collins said...

Hi Lauren!

Thanks for lurking! Or rather, thanks for coming out of the shadows and commenting. I would love to work on a pair of plugs for you. They're super fun to make. Makes me wish my ears were still stretched (they shrank back amazingly well), just so I could make some for myself.

Thanks for the compliments, it made my day. :-)


Bean Collins said...

Hi Joanna,

I was thinking it might offend people, but I decided to use it anyway! Who doesn't like a little up close jewelry porn now and again?