Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello There Seller

I got like 5 of these this morning:

There seller i was suffering before i came ac cross this classified site and i really have big interesting in ur item and immediately purchase of the item i will like to asked some question before i tell my client to go ahead for the payment .
But i want to ask this question,Are you the owner ?is it in good
condition?,can you tell me more about it ?and above all how much do you want to
sell and the last price you will be willing to sell it for me?
Am going to pay you with cashier check.
Try and send the information below
(1)full name.......
(2)contact address........
(3)phone number...
for further discussion .
Awaits your urgent response as soon as possible
for us to talk more extensively about this transaction
and u can reach me through this email address janet0111114 [!at] yahoo.com

It's terribly annoying and it makes me incandescent with anger that someone is out there fishing, trying to steal from from people. Seriously.


Jaime said...

Oh I *loathe* those types of emails/convos. Never ceases to amaze me the balls of people lol

bdeclee said...

Incandescent with anger - aptly put. I often email back "NO" in big letters, and I cc some fake name at FBI.gov. For whatever honking off it does them.

STLcolleen said...

You have to read what this guy did when approached by a scammer while he tried to sell a laptop on eBay. Amazing. http://www.zug.com/pranks/powerbook/

Someone out there is getting back at them. :)

Bean Collins said...

Thanks guys! I wonder if there are actually people out there that fall for it. I went to the link, Colleen, thanks! That was hilarious.