Thursday, May 20, 2010

Man Hands

(I especially like the stunned look on my face!)

I think I might need to find someone else to model my rings. I have giant hands. Way out of proportion to the rest of my body, and I think someone with more regular lady hands might be able to provide scale for the rings better than me. Really, look at my hands in comparison with my face. I wish I could take a picture of my hand next to a regular sized woman hand. I'm not being weird here, my hands really are large. (I love my hands and I'm not imagining things.)

And now that I'm 30, how long will my hands look good? I mean really, I work with them all day long and they are bound to start looking like older lady hands at some point (some point soon?).

Well, that was all I had to say. I was photographing a set of rings this morning and the largeness of my hands struck me (not for the first time. I would say my hands have been larger than at least 96% of all my past boyfriends hands, truly).


Bean said...

Bean! I've been told I have man-hands, too. My hands have always been larger or as large as my past bfs hands so don't feel bad. I think you are very pretty (even with the stunned look on your face) and your hands are nice, too. They are very talented. :) I, too, have begun to realize that I am not as young as I used to be. The make-up artist I hired for my wedding had beautiful hands (they were soft and supple). She told me she slathered extra night cream on them every night after she put it on her face. I thought, What a great solution! And then I added, ...for people who are diligent enough to use night cream...

Bean Collins said...

Hi Bean!

Oh, I've been a face cream/eye cream addict since I was 18! But I almost never put cream on my hands. I really should start....maybe tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Justine,

First off I wanted to say that I think your jewelry is absolutely gorgeous... You are very talented.

I think you have beautiful long hands. I think you could easily have been a hand model. Since you said that they are rather large, I wanted to see just how big... see my blog for an example of what I mean.

Thanks so much!