Friday, July 16, 2010

Solitaires go marching one by one

Okay, I know that bright orange wax is probably not the best thing to give the idea of a white metal (or maybe 18kt yellow?), but I wanted to run this by someone (anyone?), it is just a simple solitaire, but the band is slightly thicker and carved with facets. Into the facets I see tiny stones. That is what the black dots are. Haven't quite decided to follow through, but that is what is hanging around on my wax table. I also have this giant blingy thing that I am wanting to get out soon. I bought these GIANT cubic zirconia, and they are so fun and sparkly that I am working on a big costume cocktail ring. :-)

Have a great weekend!


SariiCollins said...

I love it!

matingpanda said...

Hi...I am an amateur jeweler, a hobbyist really. And I have been following your work for about two years now. I have always liked your work...but has morphed into something quite wonderful. Your "Helios Ring" and "Victorian Water Ring" are stunning, classic and luminous. As for this orange black-dotted thing...I love it. Love mainly the fact that the future accent stones are placed on either side of the "horizon" line sort of speak. I see 5 stones on the top and 3 stones on the bottom, from this angle...and I hope you keep that asymmetry (it gives it a great amount of charm). As for suggestions, I can see the numbers of stones descending towards the back of the band...organicly...without it looking calculated. I hope you know what I mean.

Best of luck.

Catherine Chandler said...

I say go for it! That is a gorgeous design and I could see it being very successful. Your setting skills are superb. If you are worried about the thickness of the ring, maybe cast it in sterling first and use tiny cz's for a mock-up. Good luck, and can't wait to see the finished piece!

Lou Lou Belle said...

I love it! and I am drooling over a giant sparkly cocktail ring ALREADY. wore my plugs in a wedding this weekend, there was much hemming and hawing over how lovely they are by my fellow bridesmaids. :)

soph said...

Ooh I like it!

I really like the idea of seeing that large-stone pebbley setting as well as the tiny stones on one of your rings.