Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You remember that thing....

I had a post recently about a custom design that was taking the mickey out of me. It was for a friend, and she had provided a few stones for a three stone ring. The center stone was an old cut sapphire, oval and very round on the bottom. It made it interesting to carve a setting for, but I eventually got it finished:

I recently completed the actual ring. I think it turned out well. But it was difficult to set. I think I need to expand the stone shapes I work with. I tend to stick with round stones since they are so easy. I also tend to design with round stones, but I'm not sure how much of that is due to the fact that I only work with round stones? Maybe I think in round stones....

But I do like this oval shape. I also like square shapes...older square shapes, not the super sharp cornered ones. Maybe I will start doing more ovals in the near future. I also think it is interesting how much bluer the center stone was after it was set. It seemed really light when it was loose.

(On a completely unrelated note, I've thought about using Tumblr recently, I don't know why. It seems like an uncomfortable mishmash of blogging and twittering. Maybe you need to be a 17yr old fashionista to understand Tumblr. I tried twittering for a while too, but in the end I decided I just didn't give a rat's a$$ about twittering. What a useless time drain. Am I getting too old and crotchety for the internets? I like books more than anything, I prefer blogging to twittering, and I prefer writing in cursive in my journal to blogging. I pretty much despise facebook, but can't get away from it since it lets me keep track of people. Am I doomed? When the singularity comes will I be left behind? Probably, but I prefer to remain an old school human being, even if that means dying eventually and leaving no electronic soul behind....I realize this has nothing to do with jewelry. But I don't care.)


Molly said...

WOW! That is gorgeous! I was thinking the same thing about the color of the stone.
I have always cushion cuts were gorgeous.
(I had that same conversations with myself about technology the other day.)

Lou Lou Belle said...

that is just BEAUTIFUL! it's gorgeous! but I am really commenting b/c I have that EXACT Same thought process about technology and the internets and such all the time. I worry that in a few years I will be like my grandfather, struggling to keep up b/c I am so disinterested in having the latest gadgets and such. I think we'll be OK. :) :)

Bean Collins said...

@Molly Thanks! I'm really just relieved that it turned out at all, since I had so much trouble with it. :-)

@Lauren Thanks! Perhaps this is just the natural course of human evolution. Those of us without any interest in "feeds" and "status updates" etc will be quietly superseded by those that have iphones. (I actually have an iphone....but I don't utilize it...where does that put me on the evolution spectrum?)

tibbyme said...

hey! i tumblr and i really like it! its easy/fast for uploading pictures (desktop or mobile). only con is that it doesn't allow for comments as easily as blogger does.
but you can use disqus or another program to add in comments.

btw. I LOVE you work! Unfortunately, I can't afford any. =(


Lou Lou Belle said...

only time will tell, ha. I don't have an iphone yet, and I sort of want one...but mostly so I can play bejeweled on my commute. I'll let you know if that upgrade happens and it sparks my interest in the technological world. I *was* thinking about how a kindle would make my desire to carry at least 5 different books with me on an upcoming trip a little more feasible...but they wouldn't be as FUN or PLEASANT as the real deal, so I will just whittle it down to two or three to take along. :)