Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh the joys of newly shorn head!

(I'm a bit of a ham...)

Bold move, I know, since I will be wearing a pretty-pretty-princess dress at my upcoming wedding, but I just couldn't stand my long hair any more. And since I've had this haircut for the majority of my life since I was in the second grade, I just feel that is more authentically me. I would rather get married looking like myself (even if it will look slightly ridiculous with a big fairy dress), than have hair that doesn't suit me. I should be married as myself, not some hair-sprayed be-lipsticked version. (Not that there is anything wrong with lipstick and/or hairspray.)

What have I been up to in the studio? Well, the wedding rush is upon me and it is only March.

I have to admit, I have the most awesome job in the world. Sure, sometimes I am tired and my back hurts from sitting hunched over some project...or I feel that I just can't deal with answering any more emails...

But then I look down at my sweet little studio from my perch in the loft, and I just feel so incredibly lucky to have this opportunity to make things. And to define my life however I want to. To keep my own hours, and to have the work of my hands and brain benefit me; I'm so thankful that I'm not working to line the pockets of the people who own the company. I love working for myself, I can't imagine working for someone else. I have the chance to explore my own interests (which happen to revolve around jewelry and art in general...luckily enough!) and follow my own pursuits. Many (most?) people don't get to do this, and I am lucky. Extremely lucky. (I also don't think I could take orders from someone else (5 years in the Navy taught me this) so it is probably for the best all around that I take orders only from myself!).

And I get the chance to make beautiful, meaningful things. How sweet is that? I know (or at least I am fairly confident...fingers crossed!) that when the little black box is opened, happiness comes out of it! That people are reminded of those that they love when they look down at their hands. And I MADE that thing that reminds them! It's a great job, and when I'm feeling worn down about my work I need to think about that.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Callie said...

That yellow gold set is the most gorgeous one I've ever seen anywhere. Actually, I love all of your yellow gold rings. Hopefully someday soon I'll have my very own!

Jonna said...

A "bit" of a ham??? I'd say an entire side of pork. xoxo

SariiCollins said...

PPP1: Nice! :) lol

PPP2: I love it! You look great!


soph said...

I like the hair! You can be a pixie fairy bride

Such pretty rings! Is that diamond or moissanite in the 2nd ring picture?

Bean Collins said...

@callie. Thanks! Just about anything in my shop can be made in yellow gold. Keep that in mind if there is something there that you like, but it's in another metal. :-)

@jonna. Har har...are you calling me fat?

@ppp3. Thanks!!! Mwa! Mwa!

@soph. Thanks! That stone is an H color VVS2 clarity diamond, .75ct.

Ed said...

Congratulations on your engagement and impending wedding date. I just came across your blog and saw a lot of great stuff. Oh, and I agree with everyone else, you look great!

Take Care

Bean Collins said...

@Ed Is this Ed Khalaf?

Ed said...

Of course it's Ed! Falling off the face of the earth and randomly keeping in touch is just my style! It's how I roll. I love your jewelry and am way happy for you. You seem to be living the dream. I'm still doing the same 'ole stuff I was doing back in the Navy!