Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A possible?

I'm still struggling with my own wedding ring, but I finished this set the other day for someone else (it is actually a complete set, solitaire, woman's wedding band, man's wedding band) and I liked them all together. I love the chunkiness. Of course, I will probably go with yellow gold, but it sure looks nice in the palladium.

I also like the idea of wearing just a super wide plain band for some reason. A bit ironic for someone who uses stones in almost everything she makes?

But I love shiny things (almost) as much as I love cake with cream cheese frosting, so I'm not absolutely sure I would be happy with just a big fat band. But maybe I would be? And then maybe I could make myself an outrageous pair of diamond earrings? I'm excited to make something for myself, I think I have 4 things total. A couple of pairs of earrings (one set an experiment), a necklace made of scrap metal, and my current engagement ring(s). Oh, and some bangles (a return from a customer who wanted a larger size). Sad? But I actually don't wear that much jewelry (more irony?), so I'm not complaining (too much).

All right, I'm starting to ramble and I should probably get back to work now. That way I can go home early. Tonight is burrito night!


Sarah D said...


The rings look BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see them in person :)

Future wearer of said lovliness,
Sarah D

Bean Collins said...

@ Sarah D I hope you are pleased! I think they turned out just lovely. The stone in the solitaire is gorgeous.

Nancy said...

Have two rings for yourself. The big fat band to wear when you are in a work mode and something beautiful and blingy for the other times. It works for me. I could never decide so just embrace both.

Sarah D said...

Well, they are as beautiful in person as they are on your blog :) We got married last Sunday and here is what people are saying:

"I love that it isn't one of those gaudy retail rings!"
"This is perfect for you (meaning my farmer lifestyle and love of bling)."
"Where on earth did you get that??"

You work is a hit. Thank you for all your hard work!!

Sarah D

Bean Collins said...

@ Sarah D Congrats! I hope you had a lovely wedding! Thanks for stopping by the blog and giving me a bit of feedback, I really appreciate it. :-)

Winniecooper said...

I love love love your "fat band" it looks like exactly what I have been picturing with my engagement ring about how wide did you make it?

Bean Collins said...

@Winnie The two bands pictured in this post are 6mm wide and 9mm wide. The bottom is 9mm, the one pictured with the other rings is 6mm. :-)