Wednesday, April 24, 2013


So, I've had the chance these last couple of weeks to carve a few new things and this is what I've come up with:

I wanted to add a new five stone ring to my collection, and this one has a carved band (you can't see it, it's sort of driftwoody).  The stones will be bigger than any of the other eternity rings, 2.5mm rather than 2mm, so I'm expecting it to be extremely sparkly!

The solitaire has a wide rounded band that tapers toward the palm side.  It's sort of curved around the top of the band.  I didn't plan on pairing these two when I carved them, but I think they would look great together.  Zing zing va-zing!

This is the one I'm a bit hesitant about, it's different from most of the stuff that I make.  But I wanted to branch out a bit.  I would also like to make something with a halo setting (diamonds all around the central stone), so I'm going to try to carve something along those lines.  I don't want it to be like the typical halo setting so I'll have to think on it a bit before I start anything.

And my little tinies!  I love them!  I reeeeaaaaallllly love them!


SariiCollins said...

Beauties! And the rings are pretty too! :)

ªⁿⁿª said...

Beautiful babes! The first year goes by soooo fast. I miss my kids at that age. They're 9 and 6 now, but it seemed like yesterday I was still nursing them, up every 2 hours, sleep-deprived crazy. I like the new rings you're making too.

Madame Michelle said...

What is the band made of?

Bean Collins said...

These are just wax models that I've carved for casting. I think I'm going to cast the first actual metal pieces a platinum and sterling alloy that I've heard good things about.

Madame Michelle said...

Wax. Of course. Lol, I should have guessed that these were just wax models. I'm still suffering from pregnancy brain I guess.