Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall on the horizon

Sometimes you get a job that you just really love.  I recently finished the ring pictured above, and it was GORGEOUS.  This stone was just so crisp and alive.  Beee-you-teee-full.  I know that it featured prominently in a happy engagement just last weekend.  I love thinking about something that I made with my own two hands being a part of such a happy event.  Without getting too hippy-dippy (although, I did grow up in Eugene), I feel like since I started this job in 2009 my life has become lighter and happier, and I think maybe a bit of all of those good feelings flowing into the universe are coming my way?  (Of course, the love between two people can also cause heartbreak, so maybe in a few years that will be coming my way as well.  Haha.  I hope not.)

I love these Chatham emeralds.  I have a cushion cut solitaire version in the works.  Just not sure if I should do it yellow or white gold?  Opinions?  My instinct is to go with 18kt yellow.  I think it would look amazing with the emerald green.  But I know I am in the minority with my love of yellow over white.

On the homefront, my sweet sweeties have been sick this week.  Nothing is snottier than a toddler (except maybe two, haha).  We recently got a bike trailer and we took them on a bike ride for the first time last weekend.  It was awesome.  Addy really loved it, Aven wasn't so sure but I think she will come around.  I'm really looking forward to pumpkins and apple cider, but I'm trying to pace myself.  It's still been pretty hot here some days, so I'm waiting for the really gloomy weather to set in before I bust out the fall traditions.  Glüg season is approaching!  Exciting!


barbara said...

As the owner of one of your gorgeous rings and also a relative by marriage, I can tell you that the joy of wearing one of your rings is increased by knowing the person who handcrafted it. It was so sad when I lost my original wedding band and engagement ring. I couldn't bear to replace it for many many years. That is, until Brent gave me the ring you made for me....and a ring you made while planning your own wedding. I love my ring so much and it's just particularly grand that it was made by you.

Madame Mim said...

I personally love the emerald with white gold... but I prefer things to be cooler instead of warmer. The gold would definitely make it warmer.

While most of the States will be envious of my constant 80 degree weather in a few months, here in Hawaii, I am envious of your Autumn.

ksteedman said...

Your natural instinct is what keeps me coming back to your jewelry (and nagging my other half about my forever ring), so I would definitely say go for the emerald with yellow gold. This being said, it is my birthstone so this may be a selfish opinion since I would love an emerald ring by you. Thank you for sharing your latest inspirations!