Monday, May 25, 2009

A Confession

I have ugly ears. It's true. And nothing makes their ugliness more apparent than taking close up photos of them. But what am I to do? Customers want to see what earrings look like on! They can't judge how large something is when it stands alone. So I am forced to use my own ears as models as I don't have a cute teenage daughter to use instead.

It pains me! How I would love to have petite shell-like ears. Sweet little ears, with perfectly curved earlobes. But no! I have those monstrosities. And the worst part? I never realized it till just now when I uploaded this photo onto my computer. If I hadn't taken this photo, I could have gone my whole life being satisfied with my ears (which I never thought about much before), but now I have a new thing to be shy about. Fantastic!


joanna said...

hey justine!!
let me preface by saying i'm not a stalker!! but it seems like i always leave a comment every post so i hope you don't think i'm a stalker or a critical person. WHEW!!hehehe
don't be hard on yourself in regards to your ears they look fine to me:OD sure you can go in and photoshop your ears in your picture but that wouldn't make you unique in your own way.
just be glad you don't have prince charles'ears hehehe

Bean Collins said...

Hi joanna! I know you're not a stalker and I really appreciate your comments. They are always so sweet. Thanks for the support about my ears! I guess nothing really looks that great close up. I'll never be an ear model I guess. Sigh...there goes that dream. :-)

christy said...

Justine, (I think you have beautiful ears by the way)I have been looking at those studs on your site and really wish I could buy them for my wedding(they just match my gorgeous rings so well). Alas, my earlobes are too small for post earrings to look centered and lovely like yours do. Sadly it seems, in terms of earlobes, the grass is always greener. :)

Bean Collins said...

@christy. LOL! Indeed! I can make those as dangly earrings as well, if you think that would suit you better. ;-)