Friday, May 15, 2009

Redundancy is Key


joanna said...

hey justine!!
to you it may be redundant to remake the same style rings over & over. but i think those styles are classic and BEAUTIFUL especially with your craftmanship!!:OD

Catherine Chandler said...

I just found your work and blog via some gals from Etsy Metal, and I LOVE your work! It's gorgeous! So well finished and presented. Can't wait to see more in the future :)

Bean Collins said...

Hi Catherine,

Thanks for the compliments and for checking out my blog. :-)


MEECH! said...

That pebble-style smooth finish diamond ring is officially my favorite ring, ever. I have never EVER liked jewelry (*blush*), but your design is so lovely, so simple, so "quietly bold"... if such a thing can exist. (^_^)

Congratulations on what I think is a VERY unique and beautiful style, and I just love that you often (or always) use materials and stones that are recycled or mined kindly.

(I also have a feeling I will be receiving one of your rings quite soon, so I am REALLY excited to be leaving you a comment!)

Best wishes :)

Bean Collins said...

Hi Meech,

Thanks for taking time to write a comment on my blog, I appreciate it. And I also appreciate the compliments about my jewelry. Since I don't show in a gallery sometimes I feel like I'm just sending my designs out into the world blind.

You know, I've always loved jewelry, but I don't really buy or wear a lot of it. I think that's pretty ironic, since jewelry is how I make my living. :-)

So the metals in my jewelry are 100% recycled, except for things like chains and clasps. I haven't found a good supplier for recycled metal findings.

Ok, well I hope that if you do end up getting a ring from me that it lives up to your expectations. :-)