Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Moving Accomplished!

Ok, I have finally unpacked and organized enough to have the time to post here. The move went really well. Thanks to all who wished me luck! I'm certain it helped!

I was thinking this morning about how much I love my job. I love it. And what I am loving most right now is my customers. They have been so awesome lately. So nice and supportive and just cool in general. It's amazing how kind strangers can be, I never thought that making jewelery would increase my belief in the goodness of humankind, but it really has. Maybe it is just the community on Etsy, but the vast majority of the people I interact with everyday are super positive. It great to be around that sort of energy, positive and excited. I think it might also be that I do a lot of wedding jewelry. It's been my experience that people who are getting their wedding jewelry are at a happy stage in their life and it's a blessing to me to be able to share in that excitement. Really. It's been so great. I just want to put a thank you out to all those couples that chose singleB for their wedding jewelry! I'm honored.


MEECH! said...

I absolutely love your wedding jewelry so much. I think I have told about a zillion people about your Etsy site. I hope to be a recipient of one of your gorgeous engagement bands someday (and the eternity band as well)!

I can't say enough about the simple, elegant, raw beauty of your designs and crafts(wo)manship.

Fabulous fortune to you!! Looks like your Etsy site is really getting successful!


captainjoe said...

My fiance found your etsy site and we are interested in ordering a wedding band from you. It is the Complete Eternity 10 stone band... it says you are "sold out" on the site (my fiance sent me a link), so I thought I would try to contact you directly... I dont have an etsy login, nor do I really want one... can we just do business outside of etsy? Thanks in advance for your help.

Getting married in 30 days,
captain.joe (at) gmail (dot) com

My phone number is 212-309-3261 if you dont want to email. Thanks.

Bean Collins said...

Hey Meech,

Thanks for your well wishes! And for telling people about me. I appreciate it. :-) I look forward to working on your ring!