Friday, June 26, 2009

Big Changes

Hello! Big huge changes going on over here at singleB. I'm getting ready to move somewhere new. The packing hasn't yet started, but the internal preparations are already underway. I've finally settled on a location!



........................ drum roll .............

P-town! PDX! Bridgetown! In the fabulous NW!

I was actually born in a little town near there and grew up there and in Eugene. So it's a move back, really. I lived there before I moved to China in 2006. So, it is familiar to me and it's an awesome town in itself.

On the business side, I'm thinking of renting industrial space. I think it would improve my productivity to not work at home.

There is a little place here that I am interested in:

It would be nice to be around other people, instead of alone all day. And it's not too expensive and the rent would be a business write off.

Man, I can't wait. If I get up there early enough in the summer it will be fantastic river swimming! I'm soooo looking forward to hitting the Laurelthirst and the Goodfoot. Wallowing around in the Kennedy School soaking pool. Riding my bike all over town! It's going to be awesome.


Catherine Chandler said...

Oh I'm sooo excited you're moving here!!! I'm sure you'll love it :) The summer has been beautiful so far. If you need any tips on where to go to get things/eat/play, let me know :)

MEECH! said...

Congratulations on your move, and on being featured today on Etsy's home page with your "Choose Your Own Adventure" stack rings!

Bean Collins said...

Hi Catherine!

Thanks! I can't wait to get back to Portland, especially for the summer, since I'm quite familiar with Oregon winters.

I know I have my own favorite spots, but any tips you have would be much appreciated.


Bean Collins said...

Hey Meech!

Thanks! I saw that this morning, it's pretty neat to get on the front page.

I'm excited to move, but I'm also overwhelmed by it. I think I've nailed down an apartment, so that is one less thing to worry about! :-)