Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trying for a cohesive style

Man, have I been busy. Not only with work, but in my life too. My sister was out for a visit recently, bringing my tiny adorable niece with her. Then my Grandpa got married (he's almost 80!) and I traveled to go to the wedding. Thank goodness I have this or I would never been able to keep up with things:

Tax write off! But I had no idea how useful it would be in the end. I was a little afraid I would always be on it, but it's been okay. I'm getting the hang of putting it down.

I'm also moving out of California soon! I love the golden state, but there are just a few too many people here and the cost of living is ridiculous. I want to buy a house at some point, and I don't want to spend almost a million dollars for a shack, thank you very much. I'm thinking Oregon (my home state, go Ducks!), Montana (I love cowboys and I just finished Lonesome Dove), Tennessee, Alabama (my family is originally from the south), or Rhode Island. I've never been there, but I have romantic notions about New England. Expensive though! So I'm busy trying to decide where to live and find a cute house to rent. I bought a car too! Crazy.

As I've written in previous posts, I'm very concerned about creating a cohesive style. I don't want my jewelry to look like anyone can make it and I don't want to have my collection look like it's made by a bunch of different people. I do other artwork (I love illustration) and everything I draw seems to be very distinct. It has an identifiable style. I would like to have that for my jewelry. Not just to please myself, but also to grow and protect my business. I want to have so distinct a style that it can't be copied.

I don't know if I'm there yet, but that is the goal. I don't like to look at other goldsmith's work because I like my ideas to be totally my own (I do make an exception for dead people. If they are dead, their stuff is fair game I think!). Plus, I'm uber competitive (one of my worst traits, actually) and it's better for my peace of mind to just ignore what everyone else is doing. I come up with better ideas that way as well. The mind needs peace and boredom to be creative, and constant stimulation gets in the way of that. That's what I think anyway. But I won't have any peace or boredom for a while now...new car, new puppy, new place to live! Excitement! But I have a few new ideas that I hope to get to soon, I feel like my Etsy shop needs a few fresh pieces.

Ok, that is all for now. I have a heap of stuff to take care of this week, wish me luck!


joanna said...

yo justine!!!
WOW!! that was alot of information to digest. did you make a bid for the house in tennesee? spelled wrong:O(
congratulations on ur new car!! hmmmm ...i think your rings are beautiful and your craftmanship is superb. i love your designs: clean & not too frou frou. i love all rings you've made for me:OD.i've looked at other rings on etsy and i can honestly say i love all the rings you have in your store!!!
portland is also one possible place me & my family might move to if i can take the cold. east coast tooo cold for me though my husband is from the boston area BRRRR!! and he misses the fall colours there!!
GOOD LUCK JUSTINE!!in whatever you decide on!! you've got a good head on your shoulder so the rest in cheddar hahaha:OD

joanna said...

UGH!! i was trying to say "the rest is cheddar" not rest in cheddar that would be totally weird

Kristen said...

I originally found your blog by way of one of your rings I saw etsy, and have been following it for awhile. I am totally enamored with your style of work. All of your work seems to have a strong sense of cohesiveness- classic and clean and above all, elegant.

In reading your post last night I realized that I've been concentrating too much on 'what everyone else is doing' in the world of metalsmithing. It made me pause and think on what it is that I want to achieve as a jewelry artist. And then proceeded to create one of my most unique pieces to date. So, thanks. : )

And ps: you may want to check out houses in Louisville, KY. There's a vibrant local art and music scene-I grew up here, so I'm partial, but I've also heard from many 'transplants' that they think it's pretty cool, too. The Highlands, Crescent Hill... all wonderful neighborhoods to call home.

Bean Collins said...

Hi Joanna,

Thanks! The rest is cheddar I suppose. :-)

Portland isn't really that cold, not nearly as cold as the east coast. It rarely snows there. But there is rain most of the winter. The summer in Oregon is the most beautiful anywhere and it makes up for it.

Thanks for the good luck wishes, I'll need them. :-)


Bean Collins said...

Hi Kristen,

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. I'm glad that anything I said could be of use to you.

I hadn't thought of Louisville, but now that you mentioned it I have been looking at apartments there. Seems like a cute little town. I'm just not sure how I will deal without an ocean nearby. Or mountains for that matter. I'm a native northwesterner, so I'm used to having both ;-) But I'm ready to try something new.

Thanks again!