Thursday, November 4, 2010

All right my sweets

Okay! I feel like I've totally been dragging ass on this blog, but I think I am ready to return to once a week posting or more. I am going to schedule it in and drink a cup of coffee and blog once a week at least (the coffee will be a real incentive since I've forbidden myself coffee during the weekdays!).

I've had this wax kicking around for quite a while and I think I am about ready to cast it in 18kt yellow and set some diamonds in the ends. Perhaps this will be my engagement ring?

Right now I have switched from the Today and Tomorrow ring stack to the Helios ring, since it was recently returned to me after being used as the stand-in proposal ring prop for my friend Suzanne (congrats!). I'm glad to have it back, and I think a solitaire might be more my speed. The problem with me is that I get bored very easily with rings and jewelry in general. I don't actually wear much jewelry anymore (I used to be a real earring girl, and I like a good bangle), so I think it will be an adjustment to start wearing something every day. My job really sort of makes it hard as well, not only am I working with my hands, but I'm also making new and sparkling things all the time.....and the grass is always greener.....

Anyhow, I think I might tweak it, make the upper curves just a little smaller. They don't feel bulky on or really look that way (the picture on the hand is not at all true to life), but I'm afraid they will be too heavy in gold.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


soph said...

Maybe use more colour than you usually work with so that it's very different to what youre making at the time.

Or make a simple engagement ring but mix up the wedding band when it's time for that. That way when you feel the need to change you arent changing the main piece but still ge to wear some new creations..

Bean Collins said...

Yes, I've thought of just having a very austere solitaire with a smallish diamond and then mixing it up with a few very different bands. Still can't decide though and now I'm starting to panic about the wedding (10 months and counting....invitations, the ketubah, the caterer, the dress....aaaagghhh! And I really just wanted to elope....)