Thursday, June 9, 2011

I promised

pug photos, and I have to deliver.

I took this epic series of photos of Dieter a couple of weekends ago at the coast. I love the Oregon coast more than any place on earth (except for the Oregon countryside and Oregon forests and rivers. I pretty much love all of Oregon. With a passion. And I have to admit that I am pretty happy that the dismal, gray, depression inducing weather keeps the population down.)

(This is what the sky looks like 3/4 of the year, so
just keep that in mind when you are thinking of
moving here. I've seen the Oregon winter break
people and send them scurrying back to drier climes.

This is what Dieter looks like when he is trying to get up to full speed. He's adorable. And he has to be, since he is also incredibly evil.

Gunter has three great loves: eating (obviously), fetching (as he is getting ready to do here), and staring lovingly at me (at least I think that is what he is doing, maybe he is just thinking about how succulent I would be roasted with an apple in my mouth).

Why so many pictures of Dieter? Has he displaced Gunter as the Tiny Pug Dictator of your heart? No, he is just more photogenic, plus he is around to take photos of. Gunter is usually off in the distance, chasing down his Evil Cuz toy (see the 4th picture down, upper left hand corner).

Dieter likes to eat sand. Gunter likes to dig in the sand. It is a symbiotic relationship. Gunter digs and Dieter stands behind him eating the sand chunks that land nearby.

Okay, I realize this is a pug heavy blog post. But they are irresistible and if you only knew how many photos I didn't post. They make my day, every day. (Geez, lady, get a grip.)

This is ostensibly a jewelry blog, so here is the requisite photo of jewelry.

I finished that pink gold solitaire yesterday and I absolutely love the combination of the pink gold and the diamond, which is K color. I've decided that K color diamonds are my favorite. So colorful. (I also love stacking jewelry together, it makes me feel as though I've accomplished something).

I've been debating whether or not I should get back into the eternity ring business. I put it on hiatus because I was finding them to be a huge pain in the tuchus, but I think I've perfected them now and I might be ready to sell them again.


Louise said...

Hey..Your dogs are so gorgeous. I know this is the third post in a row I've commented on but I was starting to feel slightly voyeuristic! As for your weather woes..I'm from the north east coast of England, I totally understand! :)

Bean Collins said...

You shouldn't feel like a voyeur, that is what blogging is about. You can't be peeping at me since it is all out on the internet to be read in the first place. :-) I have a few blogs that I totally just lurk on, which is much creepier than commenting IMO.

Louise said...

I know you're right..I don't know why, just felt like I maybe should comment a few times (ignore the first one, I hadnt slept for 2 days and ended up apologising to a few people for the crap I had come out with!) Anyway, Great pictures...I'm having a mad love affair with all things American at the moment..Oregon looks so pretty :)

Jenny from the cellblock said...

*bounces like pug in sparkling sand*

*waves from East Coast*

*yells WHEEEEEEEE like Liesl in the rain*

Lauren said...

I absolutely adore your work. My boyfriend and I are excited to contact you in the near future about designing our engagement/wedding rings! Keep up the great work.