Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh What a Tangled Web

A few weeks ago I wrote about a couple of new pairs of earrings that I was working on, and I promised photos of the second pair in the next few days. Well, I fibbed. It's been weeks! And I'm just now getting them up here. To be honest, they remained almost entirely done on my work bench forever. All I had to do was set the stone, but I was dreading it because I thought it would be a giant pain in the A. But it turned out to be a snap because I didn't have to put them in dop or shellac, I just squeezed them in my engravers block and, snap they were done.

1) What should I name them?
2) Should I blacken the tangles?

(I just want to add that I absolutely hate (HATE!) trying to take pictures of myself modeling earrings. I'm only 29, but I swear I look at least 70 in all of the pictures I take. It's very depressing.


EMILY said...

Yup, I would like to see the tangles blackened. The overall effect right now is too bright.
Very cool design though!

Bean Collins said...

Hi Emily,

I think I am going to blacken the next pair. I'm planning on a larger white stone, which I think would look good with the black.